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ICCN 2019

Neurosurgery is a vast specialty with myriad subspecialties and rapidly evolving technology. Though fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, pathology and surgery remain the same, the mode of treatment is ever changing and progressively minimalist. Modern technology ushers new adventures and the inevitable 'learning curve' with its accompanying problems. When dealing with the issue of 'Complications', on one hand there is scientific learning; while on the other hand there are ethical considerations and issues, philosophical aspects, moral obligations or probity, and legal implications.

ICCN 2019 aims to be an open forum of unabashed declaration of our failures and what we learnt and what to share with others on a level ground. No one needs to talk about success, except, when having encountered the unexpected disaster, how one was able or unable to surmount it.

President's Address

Neurosurgery is an intricate field of medicine demanding not only exemplary surgical skills but also pre and intra op-decision making, all of which can have great impact on the patient's life.

Complication are an unfortunate part of surgery marking the consequences of treatment worse than the original disease, bringing great suffering to the patient and his family, and tarnish the reputation of the surgeon and the specialty at large. The demands of our patients and their intolerance to any complication have both increased significantly, semmingly proportionate to the level of civilization. Complications may arise due to an error of execution, be related to the technology or tools employed, or simply to an insurmountable disease. It's often said, "It is better to stay out of complication that get out of complication", a reflection of a timeless adage, "Prevention is better than cure". The coin of complications has 2 sides, anticipation or prevention and management.

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Dr Keki Turel


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Dr Smita Sharma

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Dr Shankar Athavale


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Dr Nirav Mehta

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Dr Hrishikesh Sarkar

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Scientific Convener

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